Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas
Round 2

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Planning is currently underway for a second round of the Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas (KBBAT). The first KBBAT project was conducted from 1992  to 1997. The Atlas was published in 2001. Additional information about the first KBBAT and it's results can also be viewed here.

Preliminary planning started in the fall of 2012 to conduct Round 2 of KBBAT. If you are interested in more information on the project, contact Chuck Otte. As the project continues, more information will be posted here. At this time we are trying to start data collection in 2019.



To access the KSBIRDS website for birdwatching information for Kansas, or information about the Kansas Ornithological Society (KOS) go to http://ksbirds.org.

KBBAT Breeding Criteria used in Round 1.

Safe dates used in Round 1.

Updated November 12, 2017